This workshop will focus on the teaching of psychology as a science. The workshop will include an intensive review of the content of the AP Psychology examination; the released multiple choice and essay questions will be discussed in detail. Additional topics will include teaching strategies and resources, demonstrations for teaching psychology, important experiments and studies in psychology, test taking techniques for the AP Psychology exam, and using a rubric to write and score essay questions. Participants are urged to bring a few of their favorite lesson plans.


Day 1

Participant introductions
Topics desired by participants.
Review of syllabus & expectations
Instructor delivers a lesson for feedback & evaluation. (SDT)
Name the psychologist activity.

Equity and access to AP classes.

Discussion of 75 major psychologists and 5 important experiments.
Information presented for a "best practice" lesson by each participant.
Discussion of AP Test and scoring
Class structure to maximize student success on AP Test
Evolution of AP Test (multiple choice & essay)
Practice scoring selective essays, rubrics & sample essays.
Detail examination of three MC released exams. And all essay questions.

Confusing terms in the course.
Review of questions; discuss distractions, hints & hindrances.
Cooperative activity preparing exam questions for the classroom
College Board course perspectives, frequent questions.

Day 2

Participants will design a rubric for essay questions.
Graphic illustrations on essay preparation.
De Demonstration lessons for research methods

Demonstration lessons for statistics.

Handouts on prominent terms.
Major texts, organizations and resources for the classroom
Demonstration lessons for developmental psychology.

Discuss of Genie tape /artwork
Review of student presentation.

Day 3

Video on Pavlov & Watson
Demonstration lessons for learning, memory, cognition and social psychology.

Handouts related focused on Rescorla & Plomin's research.
Demo lesson on aggression from activity handbook.
Methods for integrating Candid Camera clips for lessons.
Group feedback on issues, concerns & practice lessons.

Day 4

Content area handouts according to Acorn Book.
Participant demos and input for best lesson per content area.
Demonstration lessons for states of consciousness, biological influences on behavior, personality, abnormal and therapy.

Final wrap-up: Brief review of major messages for AP Psychology.
Networking with colleagues.
Open forum for questions, concerns, comments.

Alan is very generous with materials & advice, knowledgeable & funny.

–Past Client

Alan Feldman

Alan Feldman is a teacher at Glen Rock High School Glen Rock NJ. He teaches AP Psychology, Psychology, US History, and at times mathematics. He has consulted at numerous summer psychology institutes since 1992 and has conducted dozens of workshops for The College Board. Alan has a master's degree in developmental psychology from Teachers College Columbia, and has taught a variety of course as an adjunct professor. He has been an AP reader since the test's inception in 1992. Alan was a table leader for the 04 through 08 AP Psychology reading. He is a former member of the AP Psychology test development committee.

Alan served on the TOPSS Executive Board for six years and has written many articles and the course perspective for AP Central. He was awarded the Moffet teaching award from APA in 1994 and the 2003 Princeton University Distinguished Secondary Teaching Award. He was the faculty night speaker at the 2003 AP reading in Daytona, Florida.

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Class check-in begins at 7 a.m. with as brief orientation at 7:20 a.m.

Participants receive a catered lunch at a waterfront restaurant each day.

Morning and afternoon coffee/snack breaks are provided each day.

An Opportunity for Learning and Interacting

Instructors encourage sharing among participants that will enhance the knowledgeand skills of all participants for effective teaching. The opportunity to exchange and communicate with instructors and colleagues within the Middle Atlantic Region and beyond is a valued support resource for the entire school year.

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