Cheryl Gray Mitchell

M.s. Degree, University of California
years as AP Exam Reader
years of AP Experience
0 %
of students take the AP Exam
0 %
of students score 3 or higher

Institute Faculty

The faculty have been selected for their teaching expertise, creativity, innovations in teaching and experience with the AP* Program curriculum. All faculty members are endorsed and certified by the Middle Atlantic Regional Office of The College Board and have demonstrated a commitment to excellence that is second to none.

Daily Schedule

Classes run from 7:30-400 – Instructors will send you an agenda with their class times. Class times may vary depending on the instructor.


Instructors encourage sharing among participants that will enhance the knowledge and skills of all participants for effective teaching. The opportunity to exchange and communicate with instructors and colleagues within the Middle Atlantic Region and beyond is a valued support resource for the entire school year.


Questions/concerns about your particular course can be addressed by going to course description and clicking on the “Ask a Question” button. You will then be able to e-mail the instructor. Any problems call the Lewes AP* Summer Institute office at 302-567-1400.

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