This course is for both NEW and EXPERIENCED chemistry teachers who can expect an extensive look at the redesigned chemistry course outlined in the AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework. Curriculum Framework activities will explore the revised curriculum requirements and introduce the experiences of guided inquiry in labs and the classroom.

The focus of this course includes:

  • Setting up a Successful Course in AP Chemistry
  • Reflection and debriefing of classroom and lab experiences after teaching the new course
  • Successful strategies for teaching the new content areas like photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Incorporating successful inquiry labs; converting traditional to inquiry labs
  • Using inquiry in the classroom
  • Converting questions from released AP exams into the type that would be found in the new format of testing; generating more questions for homework and assessment
  • Analyzing test data as well as the new method of score distributions

Time and guidance will be provided for collaboration and practice with the above topics. Opportunities will be provided to share strategies for incorporating more inquiry in both the lab and the classroom. Each teacher will bring materials to share for major content or problem areas (i.e. equilibrium, buffers, electrochemistry, IMFs), such as notes, labs, exams, formative assessments, suggestions for refining and adopting different approaches. There will be one to two hours of homework daily.


The faculty have been selected for their teaching expertise, creativity, innovations in teaching and experience with the AP* Program curriculum. All faculty members are endorsed and certified by the Middle Atlantic Regional Office of The College Board and have demonstrated a commitment to excellence that is second to none.


  • Classes are scheduled from Tuesday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Class check-in begins at 7 a.m. with as brief orientation at 7:20 a.m.
  • Participants receive a catered lunch Tuesday – Thursday.
  • Morning and afternoon coffee/snack breaks are provided each day.


Instructors encourage sharing among participants that will enhance the knowledge and skills of all participants for effective teaching. The opportunity to exchange and communicate with instructors and colleagues within the Middle Atlantic Region and beyond is a valued support resource for the entire school year.


Questions/concerns about your particular course can be addressed by going to course description and clicking on the instructor’s name. You will then be able to e-mail the instructor. Any problems call the Lewes AP* Summer Institute office at 302-644-0277.

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