Computer Science Principles

During the Summer Institute for Computer Science Principles participants will: 

  • Explore each section of the course and exam description, including the unit guides, while making  connections to the course curricular requirements 
  • Begin to develop a course plan by unit and topic that incorporates the full scope of your AP  course into the participants school’s academic calendar 
  • Examine formative and summative assessment items to identify content and skill pairings that  are the targets of these assessments and create lesson plans to reinforce content and skill  connections 
  • Practice applying the scoring guidelines from the most recent AP Exam to samples of student  work 
  • Identify student strengths and weakness using data available through AP Classroom  Explore ready-to-use strategies, instructional materials, and pedagogical tools pertinent to the  content and skills required for success in your AP course 
  • Develop meaningful connections within the AP community 

The CSP Summer Institute is for New and Experience teachers. 

Day 1: Understanding the Course 

  • AP CSP Overview 
  • Course Goals 
  • Computational Thinking Practices 
  • Big Ideas 
  • Impact of Computing 
  • Data 
  • A look at the Endorsed Providers and Curricular Requirements 

Day 2: Teaching the Course 

  • Create PT Requirements 
  • Intro coding the Create PT 
  • Create PT Mock 
  • Create PT Mock Ideas 
  • Scaffolding CSP 
  • Instructional Strategies 

Day 3/4/5: Planning the Course 

  • Create PT & Explore CR 
  • Exam Reference Guide 
  • Robot Algorithms 
  • Unit Planning  
  • Detailed Plan
  • Computer Systems and Networks Day 4: Assessing Student Progress 
  • Scoring Guidelines 
  • Scoring Samples 
  • Reading 
  • Community Resources 
  • AP Classroom 
  • Other Shared Resources

Gina McCarley has taught the AP Computer Science Principles course since the College Board national pilot.   Additionally, she has taught other CS courses including AP Computer Science A.  Gina has been working in education since leaving industry in 1999. 

Last year,  Gina worked for the College Board serving as AP Computer Science Teacher Community moderator. She has served as a mentor teacher for CS4Alabama’s launch of Computer Science Principles course and served as a teacher mentor and student study session leader for NMSI and other organizations. 

Gina, along with her husband and son, enjoys spending time at home on the family farm which is located in Bankhead National Forest. Reading and playing with her golden retrievers is how Gina spends her free time.

Course Instructor

Gina McCarley

Institute Faculty

The faculty have been selected for their teaching expertise, creativity, innovations in teaching and experience with the AP* Program curriculum. All faculty members are endorsed and certified by the Middle Atlantic Regional Office of The College Board and have demonstrated a commitment to excellence that is second to none.

Daily Schedule

Monday-Friday, as provided by your online instructor.


Instructors encourage sharing among participants that will enhance the knowledge and skills of all participants for effective teaching. The opportunity to exchange and communicate with instructors and colleagues within the Middle Atlantic Region and beyond is a valued support resource for the entire school year.


Questions/concerns about your particular course can be addressed by going to course description and clicking on the “Ask a Question” button. You will then be able to e-mail the instructor. Any problems call the Lewes AP* Summer Institute office at 302-644-0277.

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