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Family owned and operated since 1998

Our Mission

The Lewes Advanced Placement Summer Institute adheres to the highest standards of academic excellence. The institute provides opportunities for attaining and implementing effective teaching pedagogies.

Teachers attending Lewes AP are challenged to excel and to promote the College Board’s philosophy that all motivated students can be prepared for college success and a contributing member to society.

Dr. Wilson Frampton, Director of Lewes AP*

Dr. Wilson Frampton | Director

Dr. Frampton founded and developed the Lewes AP Summer Institute and has served as Director for more than 20 years. The holder of five academic degrees along with 34 years experience in public education, he continues to serve the College Board as a consultant, has read AP exams and was appointed to the National Advisory Counsel for AP Summer Institutes.


Amanda Frampton | Co-Director

Ryan Frampton | Billing & IT

Dan Frampton | Administrator

Carl Frampton | Marketing & Recruiting

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